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HBI Construction, Inc. ® 4921 Birch Street Suite 1., Newport Beach, CA 92660
ph (949) 851-2211 : fax (949) 851-2410 :
AZ: ROC 197299 – CA: CSLB 667057 – NV: SCB 51398

Review the architectural design, site plan, structural systems adjacent offsite improvements, mechanical and electrical designs and use of materials on a trade by trade basis.

HBI Construction will assist the Architect and Owner in obtaining approvals from the authorities having jurisdiction including building permits and special permits for the proposed improvements.

A maximum effort will be made to award subcontractors and purchase orders at the lowest price consistent with quality and time of completion. 

HBI Construction will prepare a preliminary cost estimate listed in a construction cost breakdown format based on preliminary drawings. This cost estimate is the starting point for the project cost control system. As the design documents progress showing greater detail, more definitive budget estimates will be prepared. This will be the basis of design adjustments, if needed, to insure that the final budgets are consistent with the Owner’s objectives. Once the design review and estimating functions are completed, the final Cost will be established for detailed review and approval by the owner. This will then become the basis for the construction contract.


The schedule is the backbone of each project and the tool needed to meet the first promise in HBI's commitment which is being on time. With each project, a Progress Schedule is created prior to mobilization.

Quality Assurance is the daily responsibility of the full time on site superintendent. It is his job to ensure the work is being completed in accordance with the plans and specifications. This involves daily review and verification of all aspects of the work. Controlling project costs and performing project accounting are accomplished through a computerized construction cost report (Schedule of Values). These are prepared by the project manager and reviewed with the principals of HBI Construction and then submitted in status reports on a monthly basis to the Owner.

"On time quality at the right price"